Primary purchase; highschool basketball games. The focal range of this lens is 6. The Exilim Pro EX-P’s combination of photo and video features sounds promising, but its image quality is mediocre on stills, and its video doesn’t measure up. The display swivels out degrees from the camera’s rear, and swivels degrees to up, down, forward or backward – offering great flexibility when framing photos. Best and worst of In any settings menu, the four arrow keys navigate through menu options, highlighting selections. The basic features like slide shows, DPOF print marking, zoom and scroll, voice annotations 30 secs , and image protection are all here.

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Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, 5p05 much more. Every camera should have this — unfortunately there are many which still don’t.

The best camera bargains of This makes the EX-P an ideal digital camera for consumers who are equally keen on creating their own movies. Camera performance is above average in almost all areas, except in low light.


Cons Picture quality is below average, amateurish software included. Directly alongside this wx, the EX button displays the camera’s shortcut menu when in any Record mode. This mode allows you to review captured images on the memory card, erase them, protect them, set them up for printing, play them back in a slideshow, or set up photo albums. Canon patent details schematics for a possible RF 90mm F2.


The P supports the USB 2. With no lens to extend, it’s not surprising p05 the P starts up in just one second. This feature was nice and snappy. It’s quite compact, with a spy-like stealthy feel.

That’s a pretty slow maximum aperture range, which may be a problem when there’s exx enough light in the ez since the camera will have to use a slower shutter speed. Despite having a pop-up flash, the EX-P has quite a bit of redeye. If the full image is displayed, tapping the rocker to the wide angle position once will call up a nine-image thumbnail display.

If set properly, it can also be quick on the draw Memory settings return the lens to the default zoom and focus position, which can take more time; setting these to off speeds operation up considerably. Manual operation is so easy that beginners can enjoy taking great pictures right away. The pictures will amaze you!

But its combination of features, form factor and image ed make it an enjoyable camera to use — and his pick for this year. Canon EOS 80D I bought the camera because of the price, rx the features. Pressing the Menu button displays the following three submenus and options:.


The Display button toggles what information is shown on the LCD. The lens does not come out, and features threads just inside the lip to accept the small lens hood.

For weeks, we’ve been getting hammered with the question “Will Chris and Jordan continue their tradition of doing a Best and Worst year-end episode? The options in the full recording menu include:. The Wacom Intuos Pro is a ed machine. On the camcorder side you’ll find a high quality VGA movie mode, a zoom lens that can be used during filming, and stereo sound recording.

Casio Exilim Pro EX-P505

Fujifilm’s 4K video cameras. PhotoRescue is about the best and easiest tool for recovering digital photos I’ve seen.

One thing that surprised me about the P is that Casio left out a burst mode. The Past Movie takes a bit of explaining. It has no function in Playback mode. The EX-P’s menu system is easy-to-use and responsive.