In this mode, the printer will monitor the fax signal and pick up the line if there are fax tones. Do yourself a favor avoid Fuji Xerox. I only got this printer as it was highly reduced price, ie cheaper than getting new ink for my other computer, but this was a laser printer. Up to 1, x 1, dpi Scan Features: Page Server Port Number Enter the port number. Short Edge Flip Prints on both sides of a sheet of paper to be bound by short edge. In this manual, safety instructions are preceded by the symbol.

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Cleaning Inside The Printer Cleaning Inside the Printer Clean the feed roller inside the printer if print media does not feed correctly. Page Close the document cover.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM305DF Review: A Big and Burly SME Machine for Heavy Use

The SSF can hold: I’m sorry I can’t help. Clean the feed roller inside the printer with a dry cloth. Very clunky software that makes it feel as though you are trying to c305 a rock into a hard place! I removed the chip from the old cartridge but the printer is still saying to replace the cartridge as it is obviously reading he old chip.

To find out more, please visit our online support at http: Name Enter a friendly name that you want it to appear on the address book. Margin Middle Margin Middle To specify the middle docuorint of the copy. Do yourself a favor avoid Fuji Xerox. If the printer is listed, select the printer and click Next, or select The printer that I want cm35 listed and enter the path of the printer in Select a shared printer by name and click Next.


Docuprint CM df not doing 2 sided copying – Customer Support Forum

Understanding The Printer Menus Understanding the Printer Menus When your printer is connected to a network and available to a number of users, the access to the Admin Menu can be limited. To set the default color for PostScript. Loading Paper for Copying The instructions for loading documents are the same whether you are printing, faxing, or copying.

Select Fuji Xerox from the Make menu, and click Continue. One thing that is missing from this machine that surprised us considerably was the lack of wireless connectivity. The print quality was excellent as you would expect from Fuiji.

Select a specific paper size to determine the area to be scanned, and then press the button. Place a single document face down on the document glass, and close the document cover.

Insert Position Off Does not print the banner sheet. Why would I need a new Drum when it is just the toner that needs replacing? After you configured settings, go to “Sending the Scanned File to the Network” on page When the test is blank, keeps showing Please completed, Ready is displayed.


Select the Do Local Filtering check box, and click Next. If the type of the ghosting is negative ghost: Performing Auto Adjust Auto Adjust allows you to correct the color registration automatically. Check append access right to the file. To print a page for testing colors.

Enter the following command in the terminal window. Normal Sets the background suppression level to Normal. Power Saver Mode Power Saver Mode The printer has a power saving feature that reduces power consumption during periods of inactivity.

Fuji Xerox | DocuPrint CM df

Basic Operation This chapter includes: Too technologically advanced for home use. Turn off the printer and the computer.

To specify the position of banner sheet, and also specify the tray in which the banner sheet is loaded. Contact customer support if this failure is repeated.