Edit a mailbox job Introduction When you start a job from the mailbox, a copy of this mailbox job is sent to the job queue. Page 89 The automatic document feeder Use the automatic document feeder to copy a set of originals. Indicate on the ‘Job tab’ of the printer driver that you want to use special paper. Page of Go. Page 39 The total number of jobs in the mailbox. Page 95 How to delete subsets Press the correction key. Add the staples to correct a staple jam.

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Page You cannot use this function to delete a job Note: You are asked to wait for more instructions.

O Yes O No Thank you for evaluating this manual. Illustration [53] Specification contradiction [53] Specification contradiction [54] Start contradiction [54] Start contradiction [55] Run-time contradiction [55] Run-time contradiction Error handling Click ‘OK’ to close the print window of the application. A page program can contain a maximum of subsets. You can put a maximum of 50 originals into the automatic document feeder. There are 4 options use the scroll buttons to access the 2 topmost options, the values Portrait, book or Landscape, book are displayed as standard.


The display does not return to the mailbox view. Press the set-build key to scan the subset.

Print jobs with special paper Introduction Special paper can be any kind of paper that you choose to use in a print job. How to correct a run-time contradiction Add the required supplies. After the last subset you must define the staple settings for the whole document.

Set the number of staples. Page 83 Before you begin Open the cover of the scan station. Before you begin Create a print job on your desktop. You cannot use this function to delete a job Note: Page 84 [42] Extra settings [42] Extra settings This setting is greyed out if you use the automatic document feeder.

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Set the ‘Copy document type’ setting to landscape. Got it, continue to print. The system switches to sleep mode. The total number of jobs in the mailbox. When you increase the margin shift, the information on the sheet is shifted away from the binding edge of the copy. Describe the originals in the sections ‘Basic’, ‘Layout’ and ‘Extra’. The paper trays have auto-size detection and you can reload the paper one tray at a time.

If possible, the prints in the paper path are flushed. Select the print option in your application. The operator panel [2] The operator panel [2] The operator panel Part Description Set-build key The key to define subsets within the document page programming. Trademarks Products in this manual are referred to by their trade names. Keep the stapler cartridge which caused the problems.


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The paper path cover A1 is difficult to reach. For example, you want to make a 2-sided scan from the glass plate not possible, change the original setting from 2-sided to 1-sided. You can stop the scanning with the correction key on the operator panel.

The mailbox job gets a check mark.

To join different originals, kce, into one digital document, for example a report or book that contains some of the following items. Page Location Description Finisher There are 3 global areas in the finisher that the operator must check for paper jams.