Extended setup options Skip over perforationThis function automatically leaves one inch of unprinted lines at the end of the page andlinefeeds the paper to the next top of form. Rear fanfold or top cut sheet. These limits are designed to providereasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. However, this TOF position will not be restored after the power isturned off. Default font in a draft printing The Auto Scroll function allows automatic positioning of the paper perforation against the tear-off-edge. Extended setup options Interface typeThe parallel interface or the serial interface is selected.

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Extended setup options Software controlled setupThis function enables or disables a control on the setup options from the specially providedsoftware command.

Basic setup optionsAbout basic setup optionsThe setup options serve to define various initial states of the printer that are executed when thepower is turned on or when bbp RESET key is pressed.

A Dot matrix printer that meet the highest demands in quality and speed. See “Printer setup command codes” section in Appendix B. Centronics parallel and RSC serial, automatic seikoshaa selection.


Pull tractor, cut sheet feeder pb add-on magazine. To print a bar code from your host, firstly set the bar code type designation and a desiredprint sizes.

SpecificationsPaper feed methodPaper widthPaper weightFriction method: When thepage length is other than CODE, it is a fixed length and a software command is ignored. If the page length is smaller than 5 inches, thisfunction is ignored. Your manual failed to upload Page 8 Unpacking the printerUnpacking the printerM.


Seiko Precision BP Print Quality problem | FixYourOwnPrinter

Basic setup options 2 Selecting character spacingSets one of the character spacings. Page 4 This manual is for the following two models of the printer.

The character set availability depends on the emulation modeselected as shown in each selection. Set barcode typeThis function selects a type of bar code. RLF keysare the only active keys and are used to correctly align the paper to the paper cutter. When speed draft or super speed draft is set while a fixed spacing is designated, the characterspacing becomes 12 CPI or 15 CPI, seiksha.

Install the paper rack, the sound seal cover,and the ribbon cassette — Pages 10 and The relationships of the paper sizes with thenumber of printed columns at 10 cpi are described in seikoshx table below. Control code summary bar code About deikosha code element typeAny bar code type can be expressed in bar codes by varying bar elements; narrow bar, widebar, narrow space, wide space, and intercharacter gap.

Seiko Group Printer BP User Guide |

You can seikpsha store three configurations for instant recall. Defaults to the current set command codeAlways printed in italic character styleSet bold character styleThis function simply selects all print output to be in bold character style. Most of printer’s setup options can be accessed and changed through thefollowing command sequence. To increase versatility even further, the BP has a push tractor for fanfold paper at the rear and optionally a pull tractor or a cut sheet feeder expandable by ASF E for top-feeding operation.


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Press the Up or Down arrow keys to increase or decrease the top margin setting, respectively. Do not use an unspecified oil,or it may reduce the printer’s performance drastically. Extended setup options Interface typeThe parallel interface or the serial interface is selected. The Auto Scroll function allows automatic positioning of the paper perforation against the tear-off-edge. Setting upInstalling the paper rack1.

Typically, these printers are used in the retail trade, in industry and in banking. Number of data bytesfollowed as parameters a Such printing is initiated after 16bytes of data have been transmitted to the printer.

Sensor hole is clogged. IntroductionOptions and expendablesWe recommend the use of the Pull Tractor, especially,when using the extra-thick papers or performingcontinuous operation. Large number of fonts, bar code printing and up to 6 duplicates. Setting upConnecting the computerThe printer has a parallel interface connector Centronics and serial interface connector RSC.