Here, on the top, sits the eyelet for a carrying strap, but to put a strap through you will have to remove the back cover first. Check where is X 6. In the general list you can pick one of the view modes: With Bluetooth enabled, battery lifetime decreases to 3 days, which is also a good result after all. Browser is easy and intuitive to use, the only gripe with it is the problem of rendering large pages. The menu can be browser with the help of shortcut number navigation.

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The Ki can store up to entries in its phonebook. The handsfree feature, materialized in the phone, works without any issue.

Unsophisticated MMS Editor is a cinch to use. The reception quality is good enough; the Ki manages to stay connected to the network even in the places where many other phones lose the signal.

This is a basic album with the ability to view photos as thumbnails 4 pictures per screen and in full screen mode. This item contains NetFront browser with whose help you may browse html-pages.

For unlock Sony-Ericsson Ki following options are available. The k320k recorder can work in stand by mode as well as record a phone talk. While navigating through the menu you will notice some slow-downs. This item also contains PC remote control function via Bluetooth. The device supports EMS-messages, the phone memory contains a set of pre-installed small pictures, tunes and animations.


Within this item are lists of received, dialed and missed calls, each of them contains up to 10 entries. The fascia houses a medium-sized UFB-display with a resolution of x pixels 23×34 mmcapable of up to 65 K colors. In addition to the phone numbers you can also add an e-mail and URL, home and work address of the contact, birthday date and also additional information.

The buttons themselves are average size-wise, but are by no means awkward to manage; wrong presses are almost non-existent with it. Measuring x44x18 mm and weighting 82 g the device is not bulky at all and can be easily put into trousers or k320l pocket.

Sony Ericsson Ki – Full Phone Specifications, Price

Record time is restricted only by the free memory volume. The phone has turned to be rather interesting, being aimed for them mass market.

Bluntly speaking, its only task is taking snaps for usage in the phonebook. Recent video for Ki. The Ki comes bundled with 15 Mb of memory, dynamically distributed among applications.

Sony Ericsson K320i (Unlocked) Mobile Phone

You are free to personalize each of the 7 profiles. The run-of-the-mill equalizer presents you with 5 manageable bands with the ability of manual adjustment; ericssob Ki comes pre-loaded with 4 presets. Data on each is stored in horizontal tabs.


The design looks quite familiar, so it takes a glimpse to know we deal with a handset by Sony Ericsson. Second way to enter code in Sony-Ericsson Ki 1. This item is used to make standard text notes.

As the maker claims, the phone puts up 7 hours of talk time and up to hours of operation standby mode. Moving the joystick, while at the standby screen, you access to user-defined functions. The menu can be browser with the help of l320i number navigation.

The main differences of the i are new color schemes, Bluetooth module and support for Push Mail technology. You are free to make up your own playlists. Insert an unaccepted simcard and start Sony ericsson Ki somy. In spite of the stand-alone speaker, the call alert is not sufficiently loud, in some situations, on noisy streets for example, you may end up missing the call.

Bulk mailing sending as well as group mailing is available.