But often, with just a little bit of common sense one can figure out what they mean. Or maybe a truemove shop can assist you with aircar. Posted November 3, By Ron19 Started August 15, The unbranded ones do not hence the need to buy one. That’s where I’ll be most of the time. Posted October 28, edited.

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Any “catch” might be truemovf in the T’s and C’s. Posted November 1, Try it out for 1 day, if you are satisfied add value and subscribe to a mobile data plan. By crafty Started 6 minutes ago. Tip to the OP: From what I gather, True has the best network in Thailand.


Any bonuses that truemove h 3g truemmove on your card have an expiration date, which is usually 60 days trruemove so. Thus, we are unable to pass your case to any shop in order to check your documents and activate the sim card for you.

Typically these promotions involve benefits granted over many months, a quick review using Google Translate indicates that for pre-paid customers the baht has to be matched by you first. By lelapin Started 1 minute ago. I’m confused because last year I borrowed a friend’s TrueMove branded aircard for a week before my condo got connected for broadband.


So the branded aircards already have SIMs inside.


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Once a prepay SIM is activated, presumably a one-month clock begins to tick? By coollife99 Started 2 hours ago. Register a new account.

Are there better options? Author Post time Subject Direction: So we went back to the Telewiz store and asked the lady that we would like to add to the sim that was included.

Expats need to organize in face of Embassies discontinuance of income verification letters. Probably none of the airport cell provider shops are open at that hour? I have never been able to just browse the internet without getting a lot of gratuitous pages injected into the experience by True.

Marijuana bill shortened to allow quicker legislation.

By seanchoOctober 28, in Mobile devices. I don’t really know for sure where I’ll be headed. Turns out the PrePay sim I bought in Ban Dung came from a faulty batch and were all cancelled and not supposed to hit the market place. Go To Topic Listing Mobile devices. BTW she put the unused sim in truemove h 3g aircard Aircard box. Can you clarify how this process works? Level of safety in Bangkok declining?


By webfact Started 2 hours ago. Thus, we are unable to pass your case to any shop in order to check your documents and activate the sim card for you. I’m considering buying a cheap GSM android phone for the gps and maps. He told us that we would need to go to Telewiz and they would be able to take care of us.